Rich in history.

Preserving and maintaining visible history.

For centuries, the area at the foot of the Ritten has been well known as a wine growing area. As long ago as the Middle Ages, the wine from this region was known as “Vinum de Plate”. The many hours of sunshine and the light, sandy soil here in Unterplatten and surroundings are perfect for growing vines.
The Gstrein-Hof has been owned by our family since 1929. The winery was purchased by Josef Stedile, the great-grandfather of today’s owner. He came to South Tyrol from Trentino, more precisely from Terragnolo, a German-speaking linguistic enclave. The Gstrein-Hof is run as a wine growing business and has also offered accommodation to tourists for many decades.
Mentioned in the records as long ago as the 12th century, our farm is one of the oldest wineries in the area. The farmhouse has protected status. In the farmhouse parlour there is an old wooden beam inscribed with the year 1533 and the name of the owner at that time, Johannes Gsträun. Which is probably the origin of the farm’s name.
In the entrance you can still see the well-preserved arch today as well as the bull’s eyes on the façade, openings that probably were used for ventilation in those days.